Marvel: Spider-Man Penny Parker, the mech is so cute, the real cos are eye-catching

As the most popular existence in the United States and China, even if the Marvel universe restarts and the Iron Man corner is extremely successful, Spider-Man in the Marvel role is still the most popular king. Maybe for many fans who only watch MCU, Iron Man is more like a C man, but in fact, Spider-Man is indeed more well-known. Either past or present.

With the popularity of “Parallel Universe”, Female Spider-Man has gradually entered our world. Spider-Gwen made many fans say that the original Spider-Man can look good and handsome. As a matter of fact, there is more than one Gwen female Spider-Man. Japanese Mech Spider-Man understand?

Penny Parker In Parallel Universe, the comic set is Japanese-American mixed. But in the movie “Parallel Universe”, she completely became a Japanese girl. And its spider mecha did not pay tribute to EVA according to the settings in the comic, instead, it was cute and cute.
The Spider-Man who designed this parallel universe earlier is actually a tribute to EVA, so there are obvious tribute marks in the image of the character and the design of the mech. However, the transformation of the “Parallel Universe” also has to be said to be very successful. In fact, Penny Parker, who is a small, mechanized girl, is more popular with audiences.

In fact, there are girls fans who will cosplay Penny Parker. When it comes to cosplay, the first condition is the face. In terms of styling, mechs do not exist anyway, and pure clothing does not really have to be too much trouble. The point is that the actor must be cute, otherwise, everything will be in vain.
Cosplay like this one is very successful. The female spider man Penny Parker in the comics is so cute, but this real-life cos is eye-catching. I have to say that comics are one style, and once deduced in reality, it is another style.

In “Parallel Universe”, the appearance of this female spider-man gives a different feeling. The sun and the wind appear in Meiman, which is also an interesting attempt.